Monday Hangovers

  • Happy Monday! As you can see (unless you're reading this in a feed reader), I did a little simplification makeover on the site over the weekend. This is because I'm all caught up on everything, have nothing to do…or the opposite of that, really. At some point I probably need to undertake a more elaborate spruce, but for now: Voila!
  •  Haven't seen Prometheus yet, but very much enjoyed Chuck Wendig's analysis of its story lessons
  • Stephanie Perkins with links to all the best commencement addresses. Motivational fuel.
  • If you're in the Seattle area this June and July, you'll want to catch the Clarion West reading series. Here's the full schedule, featuring Connie Willis, GRRM, Kelly Link and Gavin Grant, and others.
  • I suspect everyone has already seen the divine Beth Revis's wonderful, smart post on responding to negative reviews, but just in case. Snippet: "If there are people in the world who hate puppies, Harry Potter, chocolate, and/or bacon, then there are people in the world who hate your book. Put in that perspective, things aren't so bad, huh?"
  • The fascinating story of Dorothy Parker's ashes at the Rumpus.
  • My editor pointed me to this little primer post on Roanoke (and other mysterious things) at The History Girls, "Lost Colonies and Phantom Towns," inspired by the recent finding in one of John White's maps. I continue to be nerdily happy about that. (I'm telling you, people, alchemy is next.)
  • And, finally, the Summer Blog Blast Tour author interview bonanza is just kicking off. I'm putting the full schedule behind the cut. Check them out or be sorry.

Monday, June 11th
Kate Milford at Chasing Ray
Randa Abdel-Fattah at Crazy QuiltEdi
Tim Lebbon at Bildungsroman
Nalo Hopkinson at TheHappyNappyBookseller

Tuesday, June 12th
Timothy Decker at Chasing Ray
YS Lee at The YA YA YAs
Tanita Davis at TheHappyNappyBookseller

Wednesday, June 13th
Cynthia Levinson at TheHappyNappyBookseller
Amy Reed at Stacked
Rosemary Clement-Moore at Finding Wonderland

Thursday, June 14th
Dave Roman at Bildungsroman
Devine at Crazy QuiltEdi
Robin LaFevers at Finding Wonderland

Friday, June 15th
Benjamin Alire Sáenz at TheHappyNappyBookseller
Jennifer Miller at Bildungsroman
Ashley Hope Perez at Crazy QuiltEdi

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