Bunheads Chatter Chorus (Episode Three Edition)

And I've posted the thread for tonight's episode, which is:

Inherit the Wind. When Fanny's attorney gives her shocking news, she takes it hard and makes the situation more awkward for Michelle. Making matters worse, Michelle has a run-in with the law when she takes off in Hubbell's car to blow off steam, only to break down in the driveway of a handsome, local recluse. Meanwhile, the girls compete against other dance studios in an "ugliest feet" contest.

Last week was interesting, including lots more spot-the-Gilmore Girls-parallels: Black Swan Rory, a quick glimpse of a chef that better not be a Sookie analogue, etc. Now it sounds like we may get the Luke (and/or Christopher) analogue tonight. (I do like a handsome recluse, however.)

Anyway, you can find the discussion space for this one over at Facebook.

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