While we were stuck in St. Patrick's Day parade traffic on the way home from grocery shopping, we realized that we adopted Puck the Dog exactly five years ago today. The anniversary is easy to remember, because we got stuck in parade traffic that day too. We still had a small SUV back then, and Emma the Dog was making her feelings known about Strange New Dog by refusing to sit anywhere but the very back and ignoring him and us. Strange New Dog sat on my lap nervously and…threw up all over me and my giant messenger bag a mere five minutes from his new home. (Even in the traffic, we were so close.)

We kept him anyway.

(As if there was any question!)

Here's me and him together on Christmas Eve night (note: it were late):

Me et Puck

And here's the first post I put up about him. It features an adorable video of he and Emma romping together (she got over her attitude) and a picture of him looking tiny and stubborn.

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