Two Things

1. My long interview with the delightful Beth Revis has been posted at Lightspeed. She had many smart and excellent things to say, so do check it out. (Also up at Lightspeed this week is Cassie Clare's fabulous story from Steampunk!, "Some Fortunate Future Day." Do not miss. And, really, don't miss the whole anthology–it's crazy wonderful.)

2. Gabrielle Gantz interviewed the one and only Laura Miller about many things for the Rumpus, and Laura gave me a little shout out and says to do whatever I tell you. Mwahaha. But, seriously, if you're here from there (hi!), you might be interested in the bar of recommendations from this year's reading over (and down a bit) in the righthand column.

Aside: Off to World Fantasy tomorrow, arriving late afternoon, staying until Monday morning. I have some meetings, but most of my time is blissfully unscheduled. I hope to see you there.

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