Casting Games Elsewhere

Today I'm over at Heroes & Heartbreakers talking about The Hunger Games movie and casting Katniss:

Is there anything* that sets the heart racing—whether in hope, terror, or outrage—faster than the news that a movie version of a favorite book is in the works? Magnify this in intensity if: (a) a series is involved and the question’s still open whether multiple books will get smushed into one movie; (b) the movie(s) are likely to be unfaithful (oh, why even bother, Dark Is Rising and Blood and Chocolate adaptations?); and/or (c) it seems likely the movie might actually, y’know, get made, and actors’ names start floating around.

and it goes on from there. Please do drop by and share your thoughts. I'm especially interested in any answers to my last question: Who should play President Snow? (Which I think is the next most important role to cast, obviously. And the boys: Peeta and Haymitch. And I guess Gale, too. I GUESS.)

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