SBBT Friday

And the final day of a truly outstanding week of interviews–a hearty great job wished to all the bloggers and authors (and blogger-authors) who participated. Today's schedule is:

Jenny Davidson at Chasing Ray
Rebecca Stead at Fuse Number 8 (Note: Jenn keeps saying Stead's new book is the awesomest of awesome, and I'm really looking forward to it.)
Ryan Mecum at Writing and Ruminating
Lauren Myracle at Little Willow
Kristin Cashore at Hip Writer Mama
Rachel Caine at The Ya Ya Yas

And don't forget the Guys Lit Wire Book Fair for Boys.

Have a good Memorial Day, peoples. My plan is to watch a lot of True Blood episodes, write at least 2,000 words per day on the new book, relax in the backyard, see family, go to a wedding, work on a freelance job, and play with the doggies. Not necessarily in that order. It is SO strange not to be at Wiscon.

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