Sneaking Suspicions

Why am I beginning to feel like my MFA program wasn't the sole cause of me constantly being behind on everything, but especially e-mail? Surely this state of affairs is temporary, right? Oh, and because I like staying overwhelmed, I'm officially taking on freelance assignments again when they come up, so if you're looking for someone to write an article or do some reviewing

Of course, this hand-wringing over not having completely caught up on life, the universe and everything, and finished my revisions, could also be the usual case of my never quite cutting myself enough slack*, since I only got home from two weeks of insaneness in Vermont last Friday and we've had something called a catastrophic ice storm this week (we only lost power for one night**, thankfully–so far, anyway). Right now the sun is out, and the trees outside my window are shining like they're made of glass, or possibly covered in soap bubbles. But not melting. Not yet.

Also, um, we aren't going to Wiscon this year, because we're going somewhere else really cool the week after. This makes me sad, but it seems like many of the regulars are taking this year off, too, and I'm sure those of you who aren't will provide the good goss after. Promise? 'kay. This could always change were we to win el lottery. I'm keeping the reservations until the last minute, just in case.

*Slack is for slackers! Except I only believe this when it comes to the lady in the mirrortron.

**It went off during the middle of the gobsmackingly brill Let the Right One In, drat it. Will finish watching tonight.

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