Fragile Permanence

I had completely forgotten about the existence of Arts and Letters Daily until Christopher mentioned he'd seen an article there the other day.

A&L was my faithful first stop online for quite awhile back in the dark ages of the early 2000s, and I don't remember when or why I stopped looking. An easy guess is that it was around the time the number of blogs I followed picked up. Anyway, I thought it didn't exist anymore, or at least I never thought of it anymore and so it felt like it didn't exist.

But it does! And it looks exactly, and more than a little comfortingly, the same.

Have a good weekend everybody, in the snow, or the cold, or the sun.  I'll be revising away, and working on my last set of things that have to be completed and compiled for grad school. Veritas odit moras, as they say.

Updated: And, via the old standby, comes a link to this worthy piece about James Wood's criticism, discussing both its virtues and flaws. (I'm more convinced by the discussion of problems related to his bias against nonrealist fiction than of any innate issue with his use of angled modifiers.)

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