Big Mouthsies

Serial_garden PW has an excellent story about Small Beer’s formal expansion into the world of children’s books (I count Travel Light!) with October’s release of Joan Aiken’s The Serial Garden: The Complete Armitage Family Stories. (Squee. Four unpublished stories, and Andi Watson illustrations. Can’t wait to see this!) You can download a free preview chapbook of one of the new stories here.

And more goodies to come:

In addition to reissues, Small Beer plans to publish original children’s fiction and has already signed two new titles, The Poison Eaters and Other Stories by Holly Black and The Freedom Maze by Delia Sherman. It will begin small as it did on the adult side by publishing one children’s book a season; now the company publishes five or six adult books a year.

The piece also talks about Kelly’s marvelous forthcoming YA collection Pretty Monsters, which features beeyootiful illustrations by Shaun Tan. (Via the horse’s mouth.)

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