Nice Shiner (Updated)

The day of returning things, I guess. Some months ago, I posted about how much I’m looking forward to reading Lew Shiner’s new novel Black & White. Well, one Mr. Scalzi hosts him today as The Big Idea feature, offering some thoughts on what if the U.S. never built the interstate highway system, life, etcetera.

Check it out.

UPDATE: And this morning, Lew sends along some very exciting news:

I’ve just expanded the range of Fiction Liberation Front to include free downloads of my novels, and I’ve kicked things off with my brand new thriller, BLACK & WHITE.  My publisher, Subterranean, is fully supporting this move, and as we bring my other novels back into print we plan to release free PDF versions on the FLF site as well.

That URL is

Go forth, spread the gospel, and read.

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