Friday Hangovers

  • Karen Joy Fowler’s latest, Wit’s End, gets some love from Faye Jones at the Nashville Scene: "Wit’s End may not have the built-in audience that The Jane Austen Book Club did, but it’s the kind of novel that Austen herself just might have enjoyed." I adored it too, and will be devoting a post to it here very soon. (I do have a mini-review over in the Read Read sidebar already though.)
  • Quantum mechanics and Super Mario. (Apologies, but I can’t remember where I first spotted this link.)
  • John and Hank Green have created a new toy: Visit the Omnictionary to play.
  • My old pal Michaelangelo Matos reviews Galaxie 500/Luna frontman Dean Wareham’s new memoir, Black Postcards: A Rock and Roll Romance, for the Baltimore City Paper: "But Black Postcards is notably hard-nosed even for what is lately a crowded field, the ’90s alt-rock musician memoir. With it, Wareham joins the ranks of Petal Pusher, by Laurie Lindeen of Minneapolis rockers Zuzu’s Petals; Everything I’m Cracked Up to Be, by Boston singer/songwriter Jen Trynin; and Semisonic drummer Jacob Slichter’s So You Wanna Be a Rock and Roll Star. And just as Luna towered over the other authors’ bands, Wareham’s book is the best of this crop." Must get. Michaelangelo and I originally met and bonded over our shared Luna love. If he likes it, it’s worth reading.
  • Maud defends big ideas in fiction. I couldn’t agree more. This is one of the reasons I love children’s literature and YA (especially the SF).
  • CAAF says it all about the welcome cancellation of The Return of Jezebel James. Miss Guided, still rocking. Last night, there was even a Breakfast Club homage.
  • Finally: MAS is such an art star. Check out the digital version of her currently-showing, kick-ass, graduating exhibition. The Jersey Shore images will get obsessively stuck in your brain. Trust me. The landscapes are also completely awesome, and the sex offender compositions disturbing. I only wish you could all see them as MAS intended.
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