Happy Friday

Still sick, but you’ll feel better if you mosey over to the most excellent Noise for Toaster blog and avail yourself of Shan’s commentary and three amazing tracks from Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton’s Knives Don’t Have Your Back (out later this month). So good. (Emily Haines = Metric lead singer.)

Also, does everybody already know about The Lipstick of Noise poetry MP3 blog? Addictive; so much better on sick-couch than The View.

Why yes, I did spend much of the morning making a new folder for music blog feeds, why do you ask?

Nice weekend, everybody.

p.s. If you follow the link to the Hype, you can also get the drop-dead gorgeous "Crowd Surf Off a Cliff" and "Reading in Bed." (And more.) What an album.

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