Tuesday Hangovers

  • Am slightly panicked having just realized that it’s T minus not very long until we have to be packed and ready to go for Wiscon (arriving late Thursday, more on that later). The laundry must be done (and the desmoking of last weekend’s jackets), the house must be cleaned, the dog and cat must be cuddled, etc. Oh yeah, and there’s deciding what the hell to read.
  • It’s Yannick Murphy Week over at the LBC where discussion is flying back and forth about one of my most favorite books this time, one Here They Come. Do check it out. I’m tardy to the discussion but will be over there directly.
  • The lovely Kassia of Booksquare has a most brilliant post on whether authors should attend BEA. Join me in envying her smarts.
  • An interview with Lynda Barry (audio). (Via Austin Kleon.)
  • Lauren Cerand (the one, the only) has a piece up at Moleskinerie (how did I miss this booth?). All I got was a few of those great Chronicle Books notepads.
  • Aussie-focused litblog Matilda has a great round-up of the reaction to the brilliant Sonya Hartnett’s unmasking as the author of a new erotic novel, which um, doesn’t sound all that great.
  • Maud Newton’s drool-worthy interview with Rupert Thomson.
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