Derby Hangovers

DerbyWell, we’re not actually celebrating The Derby (TM), because that’s way more fun if you’re much further from it than we are. But we like Derby hats and good bourbon, so it’s not like this makes us communists. Nothing against communists (we like them too, actually). Plus, yesterday Christopher made the Best Biscuits EVER, in honor of the occasion. (Seriously, they were this spectacular mix of angel and cathead biscuits. The yum.)

Calm The Fuck Down Weekend 2006 is off to a good start. Miss Emma, Enemy of Squirrels and Manholes, and I have been for a couple of walks in la perfect weather. I’ve somewhat tidied the house. C’s still down with the virus, but if his course follows mine he should be better in an hour or so. Then we’ll go get some sort of spray for the outside of the windows, which are suddenly home to ants, and visit the wine shop before The Melissas come over to hang out.

Oh, and I finally went ahead and got my BEA plane tix. I’ll be there most of Friday, Saturday and flying out early Sunday and I want to meet you all.

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