The Nerve

FulldirtJust who does the New York Times think it is writing a story about zombies with nary a mention of or consultation with Ms. Kelly Link, Bard of the Zombies or Zombie Bard?  I submit the following as evidence that this is unforgivable (along with her fabulous zombie stories):

From Strange Horizons interview: "One is about someone who steals a painting, and the other doesn’t really have a plot at all. It’s just about zombies and zombie contingency plans. I don’t know how it hangs together, though. I’d like Sleeping Beauty to end up in there too, but I’m not sure yet how she fits into any sort of zombie contingency plan."

From the One Story interview: "For the last few years, I’ve been obsessively watching zombie movies, and also writing stories about the ways that the dead haunt the living."

Another from the Strange Horizons interview: "Maybe I’ll retell Sleeping Beauty and make it about narcolepsy and zombies, because presently I’m obsessed with zombies. But it hasn’t gotten thick enough yet."

From the Return of the Reluctant interview: "In all situations, I like to ask myself: What would Jackie Chan do? Not because I have any sort of Jackie Chan skills, but because it’s soothing to contemplate an imaginary Jackie Chan in imaginary action, kicking imaginary ass, zombie or otherwise. More usefully, what Jackie Chan does is improvise, using objects at hand. So we have a pantry with a lot of different kinds of jam, and some Lyle’s Golden Syrup, as well as a lot of heavy, tall bookshelves, and several interesting fireworks, such as The Titanic, and The Naughty Elephant. There’s also a lawnmower in the garage, and I’ve seen Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive at least five or six times."

See also, this fabulous set of photos of and information about that zombie cake up at the left there and similarly delightful desserts prepared for a zombie cake party. Or something like that.

Meanwhile, the NYTimes’ oversight will be reported to the Zombie Oversight Authority. Don’t you worry.

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