TulipsGreetings from Finally Getting Better Land. After three rounds of antibiotics, a seemingly endless supply of Kleenex, and four hellishly busy weeks.

I hit the misery wall so hard one morning driving into work while listening to The Diane Rehm Show (I love DR, but this in and of itself was a cry for help — I usually listen to music in the car) featuring guest Stephen Pratt that I immediately vowed to only eat SuperFoods from then on. (And um, we’re actually sort of sticking with that one. Sorta.)

Dr. Frye stepped in over the weekend and recommended some herbal goodness (Usnea and Goldenseal). Her voodoo cures seem to be working at least as well as the ones from my M.D., if not better. Christopher bought me tulips and made me my favorite childhood dinner. I slept for three hours after a four block bike ride on Saturday.

But then yesterday, I actually made it through a half-hour at the gym (not pressing it). And today I feel at least somewhat like the brainsucking fog has lifted.

Anyway. I am tentatively declaring that I’m better. Perhaps a little nutty with my tinctures and my SuperFoods, but better. Posting should reflect this.

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