Happy Halloween with MJ

GiantmjKelly et Gavin came through last night to help us forget our sorrows over not making it to Madison next weekend. They arrived just in time for us to walk downtown and catch a bit of the annual Thriller reenactment downtown. The zombie costumes were excellent this year, but someone–perhaps the city–made a bad staging decision and instead of dancing their way up the street for four blocks after the initial performance they just performed on Main Street and in Triangle Park. Which meant that it was really hard to see much of anything. Also: new Michael Jackson this year, very Rufus Wainwright. At one point, he  streaked past me and Kelly and impressively leapt a fence.

We abandoned things for Thai food on the corner just when the giant MJ puppet, pictured left, was about to be raised. (Another questionable change this year.) We had a good view of random zombies making their way up the street in tattered wedding dresses or suits with glowing bones and I saw one girl attack a car. There were tons of little kid zombies this year too, which is a happymaking thing: cute as hell and fast-moving. Then we met up with the Ms for drinks at Mia’s. A very fun evening.

Tonight we hand out candy. At least, we wait nervously by the door prepared to hand out candy. Last year we only had a few tricksters. Anyway, as they say on the news in space, happy Halloween!

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