Friday Hangovers

4 Responses to “Friday Hangovers”

  1. Tim Pratt

    Feed is awfully good. Seanan’s not afraid to be just. totally. brutal. I admired it a lot.

  2. Colleen

    I really hope historical fiction is the genre of the moment because I am so over vampires, you would not believe it! (Of course that means it will have to migrate to YA but still, Libba Bray can make it happen, can’t she? She must write faster!!!!) ha!

  3. Stephanie Perkins

    FANTASTIC links. (Favorites: Charlie Jane, Ira, Lev)
    Thanks, Gwenda!
    I rarely comment, but I always enjoy your blog. Congratulations on your guest editing position at Subterranean Online!

  4. Gwenda

    Hey Stephanie — Thanks so much. 🙂

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