And I Said Amen

The NYT Magazine has a lengthy feature on Neko Case by Daniel Menaker this weekend, complete with a nifty interactive map where you can follow the history of her singing travails thus far.

Bet you can guess who I'll be listening to the rest of the afternoon…

4 Responses to “And I Said Amen”

  1. Noah

    If you don’t know her Gwenda, definitely check out my friend Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) – she’s toured with Neko and Sufjian Stevens etc…

  2. Gwenda

    I totally heart My Brightest Diamond — some of my most reliable writing music!

  3. tito

    that’ll teach me for skipping straight to the crossword. going to read now

  4. Colleen

    I was struck by reading this how Neko Case has lived the ultimate coming-of-age story. Not to be trite but her life sounds like a YA novel – from being unwanted at birth to leaving home at 15 to following an artistic career. I love her music but this article really elevates her personally for me. Thanks for linking (and I am linking to it as well!)

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