Monday Hangovers

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  1. Sovay

    nonparenthetically speaking of which, my creative thesis has been approved. Le novel is done! Well, at least, it will be in a few weeks.
    Preemptive mazel tov!

  2. Rachel Wilson

    Congrats on your thesis! That’s fantastic!
    If you’re reading about magical realism, you might like this article I used in my critical thesis. Talks about two kinds of magical realism . . .

  3. Derek

    Congrats on your thesis, and thanks for the Felicity Dahl link–very good read.

  4. Laini Taylor

    Woo hoo! Congratulations! But. . . since AUGUST? That’s not right. Books are supposed to take years of agony to write, aren’t they? I must be doing something wrong 🙂
    And as for Dollhouse, UGH. I shake my fist at Fox. How has Joss not going on a killing spree? I get so tense over just the cover process on a book; I can’t imagine the frustration of working with a film/TV studio!

  5. Jeff VanderMeer

    Hey congrats!
    Re the Amazon list(s)–the customer list is I believe just the top selling SF/F titles of the year. Which means they’re not voted on by customers, since I’d imagine if the people who bought those books voted for a top 10, a good percentage of them would say “I bought it, but it ain’t a top 10 book.”

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