Field Trip

We took advantage of some unbelievably lovely weather and a pending homework assignment (on C’s part) today to visit Blue Licks State Park and the fabulous Pioneer Museum. Christopher has a scene-setting post. I have to tell you that the museum is A Land That Time Forgot and full of really weird things*. I took …

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Happy Halloween with MJ

Kelly et Gavin came through last night to help us forget our sorrows over not making it to Madison next weekend. They arrived just in time for us to walk downtown and catch a bit of the annual Thriller reenactment downtown. The zombie costumes were excellent this year, but someone–perhaps the city–made a bad staging …

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What Don’t I Know

Over the weekend, I was having a polite little small talky conversation-in-passing with someone post-funeral. We started talking about seven-year-olds and what they’re like. I said something about how I’d like to be seven again for a week or two. To which the other person said, "And know then what you know now, huh?" Now, …

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Prelude to a Busy Weekend

Pizza, ice cream with dark chocolate chips and the extended Veronica Mars pilot from the newly arrived Season 1 box set. If only I had the new Company novel to start later. Life is good.

Good News & Bad

Well, besides the good news that my mom’s taking us to see Loretta Lynn later in the fall (if she does "Fist City," I’ll be in heaven — "But the man I love, when he picks up trash, he puts it in a garbage caaaaan"), my contact lenses finally came in. In lesser news, we …

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From Two to Four

I have very complicated feelings about glasses. Not the kind you drink out of (I like those), the kind that slip down your nose.* I got glasses in second grade. About a week before my adored teacher, Mrs. Gay, who had a huge-throaty laugh and huge pillowy breasts to match, told my parents she thought …

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Inscribed Semi

Attention: consuming any of the following material may make you a target of chicken haulers. So, yesterday on the drive home from work, I hit town and some slight rush hour traffic with it. I’m a car behind a semi, but the car in front of me isn’t very tall and so I have a …

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When Alex Trebec drops a "Git R Done" at the top of Jeopardy, the phrase has officially "jumped the shark." (Unless on your TV it actually continued into the bizarro world edition where all the questions focused on Redneck Lore.) In happy/sad news, on the way home I heard a song unmistakably sung by Rob …

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