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Friday Hangovers

Tripping Whirlwind

Back from the last travel of the year, which was a weekend so packed it seems I must have been gone for a week. But I know I wasn't, because it was all so quick and there were far too many people I didn't get to see at all. Alas! Next trip to New York will be longer.

The lovely and wonderful Delia Sherman and Ellen Kushner were kind enough to let me stay with them, and we had some great talks and meals and even went to see a play–something I really don't do often enough. (It was Volpone, an acid Renaissance comedy that featured an interesting cast playing truly despicable characters.) I also managed lunch at Tea & Sympathy (yum) with Ellen Datlow and Genevieve Valentine. Then we meandered around seeing holiday sights (and possibly witnessing the birth of RAR–crowd-induced rage-a-hol syndrome), including some fantastic window displays:


Bergdorf Goodman windows were amazing.

(Bergdorf Goodman)

(More behind the cut…)


Look There And A Sweet Deal

Home from first mini-leg of this week's travel, and brain is playing catch up…as is the rest of me. A couple of quick things I wanted to point to, though.

  • Thing the first – Blackwood gets reviewed by the one and only Colleen Mondor in her latest column at Bookslut. Snippet: "Bond concocts her own gumbo of story here, with a blend of mystery, thriller, paranormal, and romance to create a densely packed adventure that sucks readers in with a blistering plot pace but then keeps them riveted with some truly dark and scary moments. … Thoughtful teens will eat this novel up, and honestly, who could blame them?" This whole review made me so happy, because this was the book I wanted to write and Colleen is one of the people whose taste on books I trust and admire most in the world. *beam* Also happy-making to be sharing that column with some of my own favorites from this year.
  • Thing the second – Strange Chemistry is running a buy-one-get-one-free e-book deal for any of the five launch titles–including Blackwood–through December at the Angry Robot Trading Company, where you can always get DRM-free versions of its e-books (along with 6 and 12 month e-subscriptions where you can get them all automagically and at a hefty discount). The prices are UK-ized, but the deal's good everywhere (it'll convert to US $ when you check out). All you have to do is go to this page, select the books and the discount will be applied at check-out.

Friday Hangovers

Tuesday Hangovers

Gone Writing

Three days off to concentrate, and one last act to revise (aka mostly write) of the new novel. Can it be done?

Techniques to be employed:




Now–armed with my golden coffee mug of truth and invisible typewriter–off to work I go.

(But as I said elsewhere: So much I'm thankful for this year and so, so many people I'm thankful to. That includes all of you who stop by here. Love to you guys.)

p.s. So far so good. Also, thing too cool not to share: 

  • Part one of Erin Keane's Gift Guide for Salon suggests Blackwood for the Suzy Bishops (from Moonrise Kingdom) in your life, featuring perhaps my favorite description of the book ever as "a weird book for weird girls." I adored Moonrise Kingdom and all Suzy's fake YA novels, so this is an especially happy-making thing. Lots of great suggestions, and I think the concept of theming the guide around some of the year's most iconic characters is what sets it apart from the usual and makes it so much fun.

Monday Hangovers (Some Links & Big News Redux)

My hugest thanks to you guys for the congratulations and excitement here, there, and everywhere about the Blackwood TV deal. I promise I will try not to be obnoxious about the BIG news, but because it was announced late Friday and many people spend the weekend away from the computron (freaks! I kid…because I'm a shut-in–at least until I finish this new manuscript):

Here's the Deadline story and my post about it from Friday night (see also: io9). It's wonderful to be able to share this news with all of you and stop being coy, and I hope you'll keep your fingers crossed for the project as it proceeds. I am obviously THRILLED.

And now a few other links:

The Big Secret Revealed: Blackwood TV Deal (!!!)

From Deadline:

MTV has put in development Blackwood, a drama from Lionsgate Television and Kelsey Grammer’s Grammnet Prods. It is based on the young adult book of the same name by Gwenda Bond, which was published this past September on the Strange Chemistry YA imprint of UK-based science fiction publisher Angry Robot Books. DC Comic book and television writer Peter Calloway (Brothers & Sisters) will write the adaptation.

More info there!

Perhaps now my obnoxious secret-keeping can be forgiven? I AM OBVIOUSLY VERY EXCITED.

My hugest thanks to Brian Taylor (and everyone else at Grammnet, of course), Lionsgate TV, writer Peter Calloway, and to my faaaabulous agents Jenn Laughran of Andrea Brown and Nate Matteson of Gotham Group. And to MTV(!). You are all awesome amazing crazymazing. (Also, goes without saying but saying it anyway, thanks to Amanda Rutter and the rest of the SC/AR team.)

Before you ask: does this mean Blackwood will definitely be a TV show on MTV? Not yet, no, but certainly it is an excellent starting point for that to happen. I am beyond thrilled with the team behind this, and it's the perfect network, so I'm extremely hopeful and cannot wait to see how the development proceeds. What's been done so far has been fabulous.

You all know how much I love TV, so in short:

Look out, Snoopy, there is a lot of happy dancing going on here. I feel so incredibly lucky and grateful for this entire year.

Updated to add: