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Nothing of substance here until later. Family obligations had us out of town all weekend and so there is much catching up to be done. I did manage to add some new items to all the sidebars on the left over the weekend, and, of course, you are always encouraged to visit those fine souls along the right.


Friday Hangovers


Live Emshwiller Review

The October issue of The Believer arrived in the mail a few days ago. I was extremely pleased to see a rave review of Carol Emshwiller’s latest collection I Live with You (see Read Read sidebar), but a tiny bit flummoxed by the final two paragraphs:

You’ll find I Live with You, along with Emswhiller’s others, in your bookstore’s Science Fiction section; among its stories are some originally printed in journals like The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and the curiously titled Sci Fiction. But very little here is demonstrably indebted to either genre. If there was anything particularly scientific about any of these, it escaped me. And even the overtly fantastic elements are downplayed, mitigated by an attitude that vacillates between embarrassment and boredom. Two stories feature characters who belong to races of men who fly. But neither group exactly soars through the clouds. In one story, the unnamed people levitate, slightly, but try not to. In the other, "Gliders Though They Be," they simply fall slower.

What allows us to leave Emshwiller to her own devices in the backwoods of genre is what’s missing from the collection’s title: You Don’t Know It. Like the best-considered sci-fantasy, Emshwiller avoids making the generic elements–the robots and the elves–the point. Instead, they’re elegant tropes for the mundane. She takes the long way around, but her destination is ultimately the same. Where, we don’t know.


But then I went to look for more about the reviewer, Chris Tamarri, and found his blog and really liked it. So I’ll just memorialize the slight wrong-headedness here and add him to the blogroll.

Updated: See discussion in comments where Tamarri explains what he meant and I take back my sigh.

Writer Appearances

Three of the writers whose books the LBC read this last quarter have put up excellent essays or answers to questions so far. There’s a new one today, but on the off chance you skipped the others, I’m linking those again:

Thursday Hangovers


Tonight’s ep description:

Green-Eyed Monster. While dealing with her own relationship issues, Veronica helps a young woman discern her new fiancé’s intentions by posing as a sexy, available coed.

I"m almost tempted to stop watching new episodes until we’ve seen all season 1. Almost. Not quite.

Wednesday Hangovers

I’m home, thankfully, but still under the gun. All I have today is links; next week will be better.

Whoa, That’s Some Canon.

ScalzimovieIt’s a new week and so Scalzi has a new book out (I kid because I love, it’s not like he’s caught up with the award-winning Scott or anything), The Rough Guide to Science Fiction Movies. Therein lies a list of movies referred to reverentially as The Canon. Bold the ones you’ve seen, etc. List after the cut. I should confess that I took a science fiction film genre course in The College Days.

Also, I wish Them! had made it. I love me some giant ants.


GilmoreGossipCircle on the Fly

What do I care if people are looking over my shoulder? Tonight’s ep:

Welcome to the Doll House. Richard (Edward Herrmann) tries to get information from Logan (Matt Czuchry) about Rory’s (Alexis Bledel) future plans, but Logan mistakenly thinksthat Richard is asking when the two of them plan to marry. Lorelai (Lauren Graham) is in favor of Taylor’s (Michael Winters) plan to change all the Stars Hollow street names back to their original historic names, until she learns that the street where the Dragonfly Inn is located was once known by a disgusting name. Rory makes a surprising confession to Logan. Richard finally faces the fact that he should never have let Rory drop out of Yale, and shows up at Lorelai’s house to talk things over. Jackson Douglas directed the episode written by Keith Eisner.

Hmmm, another non-Sherman-Palladino ep.