Day-Before-Release-Day Mania

I didn't intend to fall off the map, but I might have taken on a couple of extra deadlines that have eaten the long weekend (along with the viewing of many, many episodes of Scandal on Netflix instant). But THE WOKEN GODS release day is…tomorrow!

Some handy dandy purchasing links (UK versions here):

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indiebound | Powells

I've heard from a couple of people who got their relic postcards, so those of you who haven't should get them anytime.

Some happy-making new reviews have been coming in:

  • A very lovely one at Bibliotropic. Snippet: "Between the diverse cast of interesting characters, the creative plot, and the engaging writing style, The Woken Gods has a guaranteed place on my shelves for a long time to come. YA fans who enjoy a departure from standard material, female protagonists who can stand on their own two feet, and a wild creative ride will do well to check this one out." *beam*
  • Scottish Bookworm in Quebec says: "Strong narrative. Bond takes us through the story at a brisk pace, keeping the narrative tension high. The writing style is smart and efficient and kept me hooked on the story. Great characters. Everyone should have a best friend like Bree!" Click through for more.
  • From Ladybug Literature: "This book was easy to fall in love with from the start. … I think that is artfully done for an author to take a slightly less appealing character and show them in a different light with the help of a well liked character. The book as a whole, dragged me into a world I want to read more of. I want to know what happens next."
  • And Rob Bedford gives the book a nice Recommended review at SFF World. A snippet: "Bond does a lot of things well in her second novel. Her pacing is as brisk and frenetic as in her previous novel and her characters, particularly the protagonist Kyra, is far more than simply the “plucky, clever girl.” Kyra’s emotions come across very well; her urge to help her father, the conflict she feels over Oz, and the fear she has for her friends. I empathized and believed in her as a character and felt for her plight."


And last thing, here's one more day-before-release, pretty graphic quote for you:


Back tomorrow, when I will be whirling–even more–with crazed excitement and nerves.


Swamped, and so today is another elsewhere day. I'm over at the fabulous E. Kristin Anderson's place, talking about using established legends and mythology.

Snippet: "Probably the biggest single reason for this commonality in my work so far (and my next book, while set in the modern day also draws on the history of the circus) is that I write from my obsessions and interests. As a writer, I’m first and foremost a reader and a magpie–I think most of us are. And we all have certain shiny objects or topics that attract us more than others. If you’re a writer, published or not, I bet you have at least a couple different rows of books (if not more) that would count as “Research” on any given topic."

Go there for the rest, in which I talk mental real estate and attempting to put my own spin on things.

(And, yes, I know I need to make a master post for bloggish tour things to live in; I'll do that soon.)

p.p.s. Don't know how long this will be true, but the Kindle price for Blackwood has dropped to $1.39. Buy now, and spread the word!

Post-Weekend Update

Time flies, my friends, and there is not enough of it. A few little things…

Blackwood's ebook is now on sale for the low, low, a-steal-really price of $.99p or $1.99 at  Amazon and B&N. And if you buy from Amazon, you can add the audiobook for $3.49.

Handy links: Amazon US / Amazon UK / Nook

On to The Woken Gods, which releases in a week! Ack! I'll be at Joseph-Beth the evening of Sept. 3 at 7 p.m. to sign, read, and babble. Come out if you can.

If you participated in the preorder contest, your relic is winging its way to you as of today. I think these turned out pretty swell and they were lots of fun to do. I'm hoping you'll get them before you get your copies of the book, and do let me know if they don't show up in the next couple weeks. Here's a little peek at a handful as I took them to the mailbox:


A handful of relics!


(It ended up working out better to type the descriptions on labels and afix, because otherwise the postcards got destroyed on their way through the typewriter machine. You will also learn how you obtained said relics.)

  • Blog tourishness continues! I neglected to point to an interview with Red Reader Reviews last week that covered all sorts of topics, like how I'd spend my last day on Earth, my favorite quote, what animal I'd be (spoiler: a dragon!), etc. Check it out.
  • New review from Ashley at the A P Book Club. Snippet: "I'm always looking for a book where ancient mythologies are blended with contemporary settings. Take the Percy Jackson series. I loved those books, and I was kind of really excited to see that this was a book for fans of them. But honestly, I think Bond does it so much better. So I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something along the lines of Percy Jackson, but maybe a little more complex and a lot darker." *beams*

And last, but definitely not least, I believe at least a little bit of book money should be spent on a frivolous splurge (whenever possible), and so I might have procured the most insanely great custom e-reader cover ever:


Coolest ever! My new e-reader cover.


Yay, Etsy. More anon, lovely people.

Cheap Alchemy! Blackwood’s On Sale!

It's Strange Chemistry's first birthday and they're celebrating with an excellent e-book sale on a slew of their first titles, including…

BlackwoodcoverBlackwood! $1.99 for the Kindle and the Nook here in the US and $.99p in the UK for Kindle. The Kindle prices already seem to be live, and the Nook should follow suit on Monday, if not before.

Handy links: Amazon US / Amazon UK / Nook

If you haven't read it yet, purchase away. If you have and enjoyed it, now's an excellent time to recommend it to someone else. Book sales like this are a fabulous way for lesser known authors — like yours truly — to get their books in front of new readerly eyeballs. 

And if you haven't checked out the other Strange Chemistry titles included, well, get cracking. You can buy ALL OF OUR BOOKS for less than a hardback — for less than some trade paperbacks, even! Whatta a deal. It's only on for a while, so do not delay.

p.s. You could also add The Woken Gods to your cart while you're there and/or leave Blackwood a review if you enjoyed it and haven't. These things make authors happier than you know.

p.p.s. Psst…told by a friend that if you buy the kindle edition of Blackwood on sale, you can add the audiobook for $3.49 — a steal!

The Continuing Saga…

…otherwise known as the official unofficial blog tour for The Woken Gods stops over at Read My Breath Away for a Sophomore Spotlight interview, in which we discuss which of my characters I'd want by my side in a zombie apocalpyse and more. (Also, I'm serious about that bohemian utopia — or it could be a bohemian dystopia. Or the name of my next band: Bohemian Dystopia.)

My publisher is kicking in an international giveaway there, so go enter. AND the Pub Crawl giveaway (US-only, but for a signed copy) runs for another day or so. (Or, if you're lazy like me, you could just preorder. Even though the preorder contest is technically over, if a few more emails straggle in to the WokenGodsATgmailDOTcom, they'll almost certainly get relic postcards…I'm doing them this weekend.)

Tomorrow I promise another I Heart post here. It's been a busy bee kind of week, and though it appears the swarm of busy bees have settled in through next month, I'll do my best to post regularly here anyway.


Today is a mad-dashing-around kind of day for me, but…

I'm delighted to be interviewed about The Woken Gods today over at one of my favorite blogs in the constellation, Pub(lishing) Crawl, by the thoroughly wonderful Amie Kaufman (whose These Broken Stars, co-written with Meagan Spooner, you'll be wanting to read later this year). Go forth and discover the story of many drafts and which trio of the dearly departed I'd like to close down a pub with.

Oh, and there's a signed copy giveaway to boot.

Thursday Hangovers

The Woken Gods release day continues its approach:

And a new pretty image et quote:



More soon!

Quote Unquote

So, Christopher kindly helped me fill in some text on several of these neato graphics with quotes from the new book… I asked him when I should start sharing them, and he said, a little pitifully, “Maybe now, since I worked so hard on them?”*

You reblogging/sharing, if you so choose, will make him happy too—and me, obvs—if you’re so inclined. I'm putting these at tumblr and pinterest, one a week through release (note helpful buttons below post).

Number one… *makes tah-dah arms*




*The computer with all the design software died, so we have to recreate all but this one tomorrow. Ack!

Thursday Hangovers Et Things

And some The Woken Gods things:

  • TheWokenGods-mediumThe preorder contest is still going, of course, so watch video or read post! Then buy! Email! Get a postcard with a relic! Spread the word! Yay! (I'm really looking forward to writing these, and thanks SO MUCH to everyone who has already entered and who's signal boosted. Every book sold helps feed dogs et cat, so they thank you too.)
  • And soon I will be all everywhere guest posting and doing interviews and etc.; if you want to be a part of that, get in touch with me or the fabulous Caroline Lambe at Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry, and we'll do our best to accomodate.
  • Los Angeles area lovelies, I'm coming your way! My first-ever west coast event will be Oct. 13 at 2:30 p.m. at Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach. Calendarize and come out. And speaking of events, my Lexington ones for The Woken Gods are also now confirmed on the events page–so Kentucky peeps, come one and all.
  • A couple more happy-making advance reviews this week, including this lovely one from Torre de Babel, which you can read in English at GoodReads: "Behind an amazing cover lurks a well-crafted divine drama. If you like alternate realities and mythology turned true, you're guaranteed a heck of a good reading." Plus, Kyra and Anzu love. Yay.
  • Another nice one at the The Founding Fields: “A great, fast paced and fun novel that puts a new spin on the 'Gods Are Real' storyline that fans of the Percy Jackson series and other similar titles will love. … Kyra’s character is strong and awesome, and when this book hits shelves next month, you should certainly pick it up if you can. Young Adult readers will love this one.”
  • And Daphne at Winged Reviews put me among 'I'm seriously not worthy' company on her Tuesday top ten books she wants sequels to. *beam*

(Nonphony) Preorder Mania!

So, I think it's time for a little preorder contest for THE WOKEN GODS, which is out on September 3, less than a month! This is a contest where you win IF you preorder, basically. And I even made a video. If you are not the sort of person who delights in watching awkward author videos (or if you are!), the details are all below too.



The details…

Things to know about The Woken Gods relevant to the contest:

  • The book takes place in a world where the gods of ancient mythology awoke five years earlier, and is set in a transformed Washington, D.C. The magic of the gods has unpredictable effects on technology, which means more advanced forms of it often don't work in places like D.C.
  • For centuries, the Society of the Sun (no longer secret and headquartered in the Library of Congress) has been collecting relics, objects that hold divine magic and have specific effects. For instance, in the book there's a shoe owned by Vidarr from Norse mythology which bestows invisibility on the wearer and anyone they're touching.

The contest:

  • TheWokenGods-smallPre-order anytime by midnight August 15 (UK or US) and you will receive a shiny The Woken Gods postcard with a relic and its story typed by me on a typewriter and signed. The first 25 people (and maybe a few more if I go nuts) will get a custom relic and can even pick their pantheon, and I'll choose a god and type up the specific relic for them. Everyone else will get a shiny postcard with one of a few relic stories I'll create specifically for this. Old school! Typewritten! In the mail!
  • Email proof of purchase of book or e-book to WokenGodsATgmailDOTcom, snipping out any private details and including your snail mail address, and we're good. If you order from an indie or local bookstore, I'll take your word for it*, and if you send me a picture I'll tweet about them (yay bookstores). Ordering links**:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indiebound | Powells

I wanted to do something a little bit different to reflect the book, and hopefully you guys are into it. And please do share the video and spread the word, if you're so inclined.

Also, hey, the book is  starting to get some early reviews. Here's one from the weekend that made me happy:

Ink Scratchers: "I can't recommend The Woken Gods enough, the world, the writing, the action and the characters are all so awesome. This is a unique concept that you have to try even if you aren't a fan of the YA mythology genre. This book is political thriller mixed with mythology which doesn't sound like it should work… yet strangely they go together like cookies and cream."

*Unless you go out of your way to seem like a grifter…which seems unlikely, but just caveating.

**If you don't want the postal relic, but preorder anyway, well, that is just fine too, obviously. As is purchasing when it's out (or asking your library to order it). But I wanted to offer a fun thank you.